Program Director, National Student Campaign Against Hunger and Homelessness

The National Student Campaign Against Hunger and Homelessness is committed to ending hunger and homelessness by educating, engaging, and training students to directly meet individuals’ immediate needs while advocating for long-term systemic solutions. Over the past thirty years, the Campaign has become the student-arm of the anti-hunger and homelessness movement.

We’re looking for a Program Director to engage thousands of students in community service and political campaigns, develop local long-term projects like food salvage programs, and raise millions of dollars to fight hunger and homelessness here and abroad.

The Program Director serves as a source of information and a liaison between national and student organizations, while developing students’ leadership skills to become better organizers and activists. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week: Coordinate with hundreds of campuses across the country, with the National Coalition for the Homeless, to educate the public, draw attention to the problem of poverty, and build up the base of volunteers and supporters for local anti-poverty agencies. Colleges spend this week generating publicity about hunger and homelessness and holding a series of events to engage their communities.
  • Spring Hunger Clean Up: Assist students in developing one of the largest student-driven days of service and fundraising. During this event, students hold a day of service in their community to benefit local agencies that fight poverty and run fundraising events for local, national, and international poverty relief organizations.
  • Disaster Relief: Provide skills and resources for students to fundraise in support of on-the-ground relief work and pay for food, shelter, clothing, medical care, and other supplies.
  • Student Conference on Hunger and Homelessness: Provide in person and webinar trainings throughout the year and organize our annual Hunger Conference so students have the tools they need to fight hunger and homelessness in their communities.

Please direct your application to Leigh-Anne Cole, Deputy Director with the Student PIRGs.

Pay & Benefits

Target annual compensation for this position is commensurate with the relevant professional experience and/or advanced degrees that a candidate has. We value experience with project management, networking and running grassroots campaigns. The Student PIRGs offers a competitive benefits package.


Boston or Washington, D.C.

Things to know when you apply

The Student PIRGs is part of The Public Interest Network—a group of organizations that share a vision of a better country, a set of core values, and a coordinated strategic approach to getting things done. Click here for things you should know about our network when you apply.

The Student PIRGs is an equal opportunity employer and will not discriminate against any employee or applicant on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, age, sex, disability, pregnancy or veteran status.


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