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Illinois PIRG’s Abe Scarr announcing new data on the impact of Citizens United on our elections and our democracy.

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At PIRG, we know that smart policy solutions and real change won’t just happen. You need to organize, advocate and fight for them. We’re taking on some of the biggest issues facing our country today — issues where the public needs a champion. Whether it’s stopping the overuse of antibiotics on factory farms, reclaiming our democracy from Super PACs and mega-donors, or fighting against Wall Street’s reckless banking practices, PIRG is there as a voice for the public against special interests.
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U.S. PIRG’s staff are advocates, organizers, lawyers and issue experts, all working to stand up for the public and making an impact on important issues facing our country. Meet a few of them:

Abe is responsible for program and organizational development, research, and legislative advocacy for Illinois PIRG. Before coming to Illinois PIRG, Abe was the director of ConnPIRG, where he worked with students and staff on a variety of campaigns, including successful efforts to pass Election Day and online voter registration, and to pass a bill modernizing recycling in Connecticut.
As executive director of MASSPIRG, Janet coordinates policy development, research, and legislative advocacy for the largest public interest organization in Massachusetts. Since 1989, she has overseen several successful statewide initiative and referendum campaigns in Massachusetts, and has been lobbying in the state’s legislature for more than 20 years.
Mario Salazar is the Federal Legislative Director for U.S. PIRG, and implements legislative campaigns at the federal level. Prior to coming to U.S. PIRG, Mario worked with SEIU and Organizing for Action, as well as on a successful U.S. Senate campaign where he oversaw the Voter Protection, Operations, and Field departments.
Christine Lindstrom is the Higher Education Program Director for U.S. PIRG student chapters. A 14-year veteran of Student PIRGs, she now works with the U.S. PIRG network across the country to develop and execute campaigns to secure affordable and accessible higher education, including helping students win the biggest federal investment in higher education since the GI Bill—the College Cost Reduction and Access Act.

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